DXoops.info - New Review Section + 2 themes (recoloured)

Date 2006/2/22 21:16:54 | Topic: Themes

Two more themes are now available on our website, please see images below, or visit our website for more details.


Also our new Reviews Module.

Original Image
Original by XoopsDesign

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Original By ADezign

Our Reviews Section module

Please feel free to visit our site and please feel free to sign up and post reviews on:

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+ Xoops Themes
+ Xoops Modules
+ Xoops Websites
+ Technology
+ Music

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We are currently testing this new module, to ensure it's stability, if you are a module developer and have possible ideas of how to improve it and wish to potentially help in doing so, then please feel free to contact us.


Please Note: We are in no way claiming these themes are ours, we have not designed them, we've simply recoloured them for other members to use. The Reviews module is however ours.



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