Tropical Mail

Date 2006/2/17 16:00:00 | Topic: Modules

I've placed on my site a new version of tropical mail. This is a preview version. See it in action: kaotik.bizOriginal Image
What is tropical mail?
-Tropical mail is a webmail client ported from Iloha mail which supports imap and pop3, allows users to select their own language, allows multiple charsets and is, overall a fast app. Read on for more info...
More features:
-Bookmark manager
-Contact Manager
-Simple calendar.
-Search through your email.

Some of it's new features:
Original Image-Ajax. Through the use of Ajax you can now create, edit and delete accounts without having to reload the entire page. There are 2 clear advantages to this: 1; Server load. You are only performing 1 or 2 DB calls to perform the action instead of all the DB calls requiered for a standard page reload. 2; Time/User interaction. Since it's only doing 1 or 2 DB calls things go a "LOT" quicker.
2- Scriptaculous. This is a set of javascript routines and effects to give users a more "rich" internet experience.
3- Multiple accounts per user. Now each of your users can setup several webmail accounts. You also select 1 account to be the default when you first login.
4- Iloha mail 0.9. Tropical mail now uses the latest version of iloha mail. This new version uses a native Ajax engine to speed up it's operation. It also has some new features such as RSS and public contacts. Please bear in mind that some of them aren't yet fully operational.
To be implemented:
Cpanel routines for automatic account creation, edit and deleting.

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