Xoops France- Xoops China 2005 Meeting in Beijing

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Here is a small report of marco meeting phppp in Beijing on sun 18/12/2005:

Who is phppp?

He is one of the most active developers of Xoops modules today and also working on the Xoops Core team. To just name some of the modules he has developed or is working on converting for Xoops: CBB, Digest, Articles, Dokuwiki, xlanguage, Planet, Xmline, WordPress and others.

Phppp aka DJ is 33 years old and a web developer in an American startup company based in Montreal. (they are using XOOPS for their website and intranet). The announcement of XOOPSSPHERE finally made them go for the XOOPS platform as the system of their choice.

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About Xoops China:

There are approximately 60 active members in Beijing and another group exists in Shanghai. I was invited to their XOOPS meeting on previous Tuesday, but could not take part in it. Some images of their local meeting are available here:
(there were around 30 people present on that meeting)

The XOOPS China projects:

One primary goal for 2006 is to grow the Chinese XOOPS community. They admire the dynamic of the XoopsFrance community.

Therefore Phppp had several questions on behalf of the Chinese community for me on this subject.

I especially pointed out that the success of XOOPS France is based on:

- the charisma of the founders
- physical meetings of the members (in 2005:fosdem Brussels, rmll Dijon, Lyon)
- the state of mind and willingness to promote assistance between the members, away from commercial considerations
- the specialization of each one: the team covers fine the spectrum of web development in all areas
- our will to provide quality work and to promote the use of XOOPS in professional environment.

I explained also the creation, in 2005, of the AFUX foundation .

XOOPS China Creations:

Here are some information on their local developments:

- a developer modified the core so that the positioning of the blocks is universal in a page. This hack should be proposed at the community officialized once XOOPS 2.3 (and stabilized in its architecture)
- phppp released xoops 2.25 in order to assist the users who upgrade to Xoops 2.2 despite the advises not to
- in 2005, XOOPS China in particular released the Backup module, which you will find in the module download repository

Other things we talked about

- trouble with attaching files under cbb 1.15 with IE. The solution seems to be found.
- we talked about the developments on hand of the core (Xoops 2.3), discussed the missing functionality of the core (which would be useful in the modules), as well as the evolution of the XOOPS project.

This is put in some short words the report of a very warm meeting. It is amazing to be able to meet people you only know from the forums or messenger before, and this, during a professional displacement!
We should do this again 2006 in Montreal. This time with others xoopsers (king76 and Co).

Many thanks to Xoops China Support Community and special friendly thanks to phppp
You will find below some images from Beijing to conclude and motivate you to visit this superb country.

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