Date 2002/5/31 10:28:05 | Topic: YAXS

IPXpertise is a new site opening today featuring the resume's of some talented network engineers and internet protocol folks. I used Projecktx theme with no modifications other than logo, and I'm so happy with it!

I made this site because there are a lot of my friends working together here who are incredibly talented but sadly, the company did not procure funding as we had hoped and we are all unemployed.

If you know of a business that needs a team of experienced, motivated, certified, energetic and very knowledgeable contractors (or perm employees also) in the areas of network design and engineering, Cicso Call Manager, Avvid, Web Development (Xoops a specialty!) and so much more - please come look at the site and pass it on. There is a skills summary you have to see to believe...

IPXpertise Web Site

Thanks my fellow xoopsers!

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