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Date 2005/12/10 16:34:22 | Topic: YAXS

Indie Artist Radio Goes Xoops

Long running and widely popular internet radio station “Indie Artist Radio” goes Xoops and finds the system to be a perfect match for building a large music community and internet radio station.

Indie Artist Radio has been streaming new rock, pop and alternative music on the web for 5-years and has been nominated as Outstanding Music Contribution and Best Internet Radio by the International Music Awards.

Indie Artist Radio’s new system using Xoops includes the use of the following modules available at Xoops.Org:

C-Jay Content: Allows us to keep an updated playlist and request system wrapped in Xoops.

CD Base: Allows to store popular CD’s and links to artist websites, this module is used as a revenue generator for artist listings.

PD Links: Offers an organized system for allowing artists to add their links to Indie Artist Radio

NewBB: The core of the music community

Donations: Donations module is a bit reworked to fit our needs and offer a paid subscription stream for the high quality streaming. We offer free streams but the donations module helps us in managing payment for higher quality called “Backstage Pass”.

Liaise: The Liaise module works great to direct inquiries to the right person so there is no wasted time filtering through email. We can also choose redirect pages after a form is sent so we can redirect users to advertisements and services based on their inquiry. We also use this form for artists to upload their music to us for radio play.

Multi-Menu: What can you say about Multi-Menu this module holds so many sites together now and allows for making custom links to custom pages.

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