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Date 2005/12/4 22:44:51 | Topic: YAXS


Yes, we are just another freelance site on the web. So in that light, let's just throw a little spin to it.

GDL-Tech wishes to become the premier connection between open source software coders and users. Most users find additions to their favorite software sometimes too slow, and coders sometimes don't feel like coding for the ungrateful leechers out there. Let's try to balance things out by allowing the coders to do their brilliant work and users to get their precious needs fulfilled.

In order to also lend a helping hand to your favorite projects, we will donate a portion of our collected fees to the open source software developpers. For example, if the project completed was for the XOOPS cms, then we will donate a portion of the fees collected to the XOOPS Foundation.

The Web has created a wide avenue for self-employment opportunities. In fact, one of the hottest careers right now on the Web is freelance work. Why limit yourself to your local market? Come see what the world has to offer.

GDL-Tech places at your disposal the quickest and most effective means, making it possible to find qualified professionals to provide for your requirements within the framework of projects or long-term activities, any time and anywhere in the world.

If your favorite open source software is not present on our site, please let us know so that we can add it to our list.
Thank you

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