Site of the Month - The Results of Month August 2005

Date 2005/9/28 16:50:30 | Topic: XOOPS

I'm proud to announce the results of the first xoops-site of the month voting. Proud for we have seen some great xoops examples. It's a strange result in our first voting for we have 2 winners with the same number of votings. And we have 3 sites with same number of votings following those 2 sites.

The winners are:

Original Image

Original Image

Both sites got the equal number of votings and share the first position.

I'm now dealing and acting with xoops for more than 3 years but i myself was astonished too. Some great examples which i can't believe having missed to read the news of opening or introduction. So for me this underlines the goal of xoopsfactory to have a special place where to show new sites (and news from xoops sites) and where sites can be introduced by their webmasters.

A BIG CONGRATULATION to the winners and a BIG THANKS to all who paticipate, nominate and vote!<br />

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