XPress (WordPress for Xoops) 1.52 Moon version is released

Date 2005/9/8 13:03:53 | Topic: Modules

Full package:
http://xoopsforge.com/uploads/xoops/x ... d_wordpress_1_52_moon.zip

Upgrade from XPress 1.52:
http://xoopsforge.com/uploads/xoops/x ... dpress_1_52_moon_diff.zip


Thank Latitudes, Carnuke, Tiran_Kenja and other users for bug reports and suggestions.

XPress 1.5.2 (Moon)
Sep 05th, 2005

1 Removed unused template
2 Added module theme selection which allows WordPress has its own theme
3 Added user information with Xoops userinfo
4 Fixed bug in admin user data on installation
5 Added(Rollback) encoding conversion for pingback, trackback and comment
6 Added module header (RSS alert)
7 Fixed language problems in case WP blocks are used outside of WordPress module (reported by Latitudes, http://geekgrl.net/)
8 Added hierarchical structure and post count to categories in sidebar

Before Xoops 2.23 RC1, WordPress for Xoops can only be installed after the system installation is completely finished.
Since Xoops 2.23 final, it is possible to install WP during system installation as other modules, like pm, profile

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