QA_Checking Tool for Modules 2.0RC2 is out !

Date 2005/9/4 21:30:00 | Topic: XOOPS

A new version of our QA tool for modules is up !

QA team is proud to release version 2.0 RC2 of its QA_Checking Tool for Modules.

What it is for ?
The goal of this tool is to provide :
- module's developers a tool that will help them with checking if their modules are using all xoops's core powerfull features, which documentation, security features, SEO features, etc. their module should have.
- module's testers some ideas about how to validate a module before posting it to community. Could be usefull too for xoops's local support teams or everyone who wants to help devs improving their modules.

What is still to do ?
- Find a full xhtml compliant theme
- Perhaps add some tests for utf8 compatibility ? If Chineese or russian teams could give us some feedbacks on that, would be appreciated !
- Define for SQL query/time standard level
- define which item is mandatory ("must have") or recommended ("should have")
- Set Certification Levels
- Add all items of this tool in a dedicated xoops testing module (example : formulaire)

How to Download this tool ?
----------------------------------- ... 87&release_id=720&dl=1837

Note to translators
Feel free to translate this tool, as it should be usefull for your community.

Finaly,This QA Checklist Tool is made for you !Let's bring together xoops @ its best for a professionnal usage.
It's still an RC version, so feel free to provide feedbacks/enhancements! We still need some inputs as listed before to release soon a final version.

Special thanks to thank JasonMR, Mithrandir, Hervet, jensclas, jorgebarrero, rowdie, kaotik, thecat, Philou, Alain01 for their help, advices and support.

Cheers !

Changelog RC1-->RC2 2005/09/03
Add files disclosing physical server paths into Security Section
Add utf 8 Compatibility : waiting for some feedback about !
Add confirmation/redirection messages into
Add Dev/Run Check Status
Some wording
Add sheet protection (no passwd)
Modification in SQL Query : add no query in xoops_version file
Added absolute patch in SEO
Add one ligne in Design/Documentation
Change name of tool (was before Checklist4ModDevs) after kaotik gave me some inputs (thanks guy)

Please feel free to give us feedback

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