TinyEditor 0.5 is out!

Date 2005/9/1 13:41:12 | Topic: Modules

After some months since last release,TinyEditor 0.5 is finally released!
A lot of improvements have been done and special care has been taken to make the module safe and fast.
TinyEditor is now integrated into XoopsEditor framework but keeps compatibility with Xoops versions < 2.2 so you can still use it within old modules' versions.
Changelog for this version:
* Updated to TinyMCE 1.45
* Integrated into XoopsEditor framework
* Improved loading speed (now it uses gzip compression,if available)
* Added automatic plugins loading
* Added config options categories
* Enhanced user quota bar
* Revisited many language files
* Beautified tabbed admin menu
* Added a new logo
* Improved toolbars configurator
* Added html admin manual

Other features:
* Fully configurable image manager (heavily modified version of Wei Zhuo's project)
* Personal uploads directories and user disk quota
* Graphical display of used space
* Thumb-to-popup functionality which allows you to easily insert thumbnails in your content with a link to the full size image
* Xquotecode" plugin which makes code and quote insertion really easy
* "Mlcontent" plugin which allows you to add multi-language content when using GIJOE's Easiest Multilanguage Hack
* "Advanced link" plugin to quickly insert links to published content (currently News, Links, Downloads and Forums)

Note that old versions are no longer available and furthermore you are invited to update to this release due to latest security improvements added.

The project is hosted at Xoops Development Site so go there to
Download the editor
Report a bug
Submit a patch
Submit a translation
Discuss/ask for support in the forums

Hope you like this module and use it within your sites.
It currently features only english language so fell free to translate the module into your language and share your work with the community.

Nice Xoopsing,

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