XOOPS 2.2.3 Released

Date 2005/8/26 10:48:55 | Topic: XOOPS

The XOOPS Core Development Team is happy to release XOOPS 2.2.3 with several bugfixes to central areas of the system.

XOOPS 2.2.3 Full

XOOPS 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 Patch

XOOPS 2.2.0 to 2.2.3 Patch
At the same time, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of XOOPS Official Module Packages version 1.0

The modules in these packages are tested with XOOPS 2.2 and are functional. There may be parts of some of the modules that don't work, but they are usable for generating content.

As module developments proceed, these packages will naturally be updated with new versions and/or replacement modules.

Unfortunately, some problems have already surfaced with this version. The most severe one has to do with login trouble and the fix is to replace
class/auth/authfactory.php lines 27 to 31 like this:
if (!
$config) { // If there is a config error, we use xoops
$xoops_auth_method 'xoops';
} else {
$xoops_auth_method $config[0]->getVar('conf_value');
if (!
$config) { // If there is a config error, we use xoops
$xoops_auth_method 'xoops';
} else {
$xoops_auth_method $config[0]->getConfValueForOutput();
is_readableXOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/auth/auth_' $xoops_auth_method '.php')){
$xoops_auth_method 'xoops';

2005/08/26: Version 2.2.3
- Fixed bug #1262813 - Add User, some fields are reset when error occur (Mithrandir/marook)
- Fixed bug #1262479 - email parsing in module.textsanitizer.php (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1260694 - Mail User: X_UNAME is now Displayname, not Username (Mithrandir/marook)
- Fixed bug #1250347 - search in profiles doesnt work properly (Mithrandir/irmtfan)
- Fixed bug #1248077 - Activation link not fully operational. New constant XOOPS_ABS_URL added (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1247398 - Error in modules/profile/search.php (Mithrandir/edomch)
- Fixed bug #1253289 - Can't make blocks invisible (Mithrandir/barrycooper)
- Fixed bug with XoopsFormSelectUser having a different signature from XOOPS 2.0.x (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug in MySQLDatabase::quoteString() where empty values would not get enclosed in single quotes (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug in system/admin/banners/main.php where it was impossible to edit banner clients (Mithrandir/Peekay)
- Fixed bug in system/admin/modulesadmin/modulesadmin.php where configuration categories were not removed on module uninstallation (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug in system/admin/modulesadmin/modulesadmin.php where block templates could remain in the database after module uninstall (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug in kernel/module.php where config unused options would not be removed if a config has no options any more (phppp)
- Fixed bug in kernel/object.php where whereclause is wrongly generated for multiple keyname (phppp)
- Fixed bug/typo in include/functions.php function xoops_array_diff_assoc() (phppp)

- Added update procedure to System module update, where blocks and templates without corresponding modules will be removed (Mithrandir)
- Modified kernel/module.php regexp for page detection in getCurrentPage() (phppp)
- Added password length check in modules/profile/register.php (phppp/Aries)

- Added patch #1245922 - Little bug in banner manager (Mithrandir/zoullou)
- Added patch #1249427 - userinfo.php template improvement (Mithrandir/zoullou)
- Modified error message rendering in modules/profile/register.php (phppp)

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