Xoops 2.2 code documentation published at xoops.info

Date 2005/8/24 7:26:10 | Topic: Developer News

Xoops.info has published xoops 2.2 code documentation. It uses phpxref version of documentation. Referenced xoops code is available as part of doc.Doc is searchable for classes, function, variable and constants used in code. It will be valuable resource for xoops beginner. Experienced developers may take advantage of the doc as reference material for module developments. The doc will be also a good resource for any new php programmer as reference material.
The summary of xoops 2.2 code is as follow

Summary statistics:
Files Scanned: 699 containing 92658 lines
2854 variable names in 7736 definitions and 49852 references.
1735 function/method names in 1983 definitions and 24114 references.
1939 constant names in 2010 definitions and 6381 references.
230 class names in 230 definitions and 1758 references.

It is available at http://www.xoops.info

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