News 1.4, updated version

Date 2005/8/17 18:33:35 | Topic: Modules


A new version of the News module has just been released.
This version corrects several bugs.
You can use it on a production website.

How to get the module
Simply go to its homepage : ... oup_id=1008&release_id=60

How to upgrade
Copy the files to your website and upgrade the module in the modules manager.
If you had a version 1.1, you must also launch this script :
replace with your website's name.

Important notes
1) If you had problem with the previous version, and especially a message like this one :
Smarty error: unable to read resource: "db:xxx.html" in file class/smarty/Smarty.class.php line 1084
Then you must update to this new version.
As I have reported it here, it's not possible, in Xoops 2.2.x
to have two blocks using the same html template file.
In the previous version ( I have modified the file xoops_version.php to add a different file
for the "recent news" block and the "top news" block. Unfortunatly, this modification cause problems with Xoops 2.0.x
I have spent some time to search why but did not find any solution... ???
Xoops 2.2 users will not have two different blocks "top news" and "recent news" but just one.

2) I had many bugs reports about problems with author's name.
Those problems are related to Xoops 2.2.x.
For example when you edit an article you did not wrote, the author's name will not be visible in the
list of authors.

To conclude, you can use the News module with Xoops 2.2.x but you will have problems

> I have added the code recommanded in Xoops for security reasons
> Some templates were corrected to be a little more (but not completly) w3c compliants
> It was possible to download files joined to an article for wich you did not have the necessary permissions
> It was possible to edit articles from other authors
> The news counter is not updated anymore when its author is reading the article or when you are in the Admin's group or a module's admin
> You could have a broken image when the "recent news block" was used (thanks to jegelstaff)
> A typo was corrected in the block used to moderate news ("letf" instead of "left")
> News that was not approved were not deleted when you was deleting its topic
> I have added rel="nofollow" to the link to email the article to a friend
> There was a bug in the "prune manager" when you was selecting to use only expired articles (thanks to alain01)
> The number of meta keywords automatically created by the News module is now limited to 20 keywords (thanks to tl for the remark)
If you want to change this limit, edit the file /xoops/modules/news/include/functions.php and find this line :
$tmp=array_slice($tmp,0,20); // If you want to change the limit of keywords, change this number from 20 to what you want
> You can import your articles from AMS 2.41.
To do it, launch
You must be a module's administrator to launch this script.
The script imports topics, articles, files, links, ratings, comments and notifications from Ams WITHOUT removing *anything* from it.
The only thing you have to do is to recreate the permissions.
WARNING, Once you have imported your articles from Ams, if you delete a news in the News module and if this article have some attached
files, they will be also deleted in Ams !
You can launch this script as many times as you want but this will create as many news and topics as you launch the script
The imported article is always the last version in Ams


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