PD-Downloads 1.2 Beta arrived

Date 2005/8/18 7:00:00 | Topic: Modules

]Power-Dreams is very proud to release the newest BETA version of PD-Downloads.
We have done many changes and fixes.

[added] Gijoe's Cloneable Feature for the whole Module
[added] Xoops Token System
[added] Statistic (admin-side)
[added] Upgrade and Import Tool (admin-side) (not yet inclued)
[added] you can now reset the download counter (admin-side)
[added] option to auto-approve downloads to every group (incl anonymous) or not (admin-side)
[added] you can now choose if you want to show the newest downloads on the module-start page (user-side)
[added] rss-feeds also a option to enable or disable this feature (user and admin-side)
[added] when submitting a download you will now see the allowed upload-file-size (user and admin-side)
[added] function for checking the upload-folders, for making them and setting the permission for them (admin-side)
[changed] Some Icons have been changed
[changed] look of the administration menu (admin-side)
[changed] Byte to KB in the field "file-size" when submitting a new download (user and admin-side)
[changed] uploader, now using the xoops uploader that comes with the xoops-kernel
[changed] upload-folder, the new standard upload-folder is xoops-url/uploads/modulename
[changed] many minor changes

[updated] gijoe's myblocksadmin to version 0.40
[updated] waiting content plugin -> based on the plugin done by flying.tux
[updated] sitemap plugin
[updated] many minor things

[optimized] reduced sql queries on index.php (user-side) -> thx to frankblack for some tipps and tricks
[optimized] "show the newest downloads on module-start page" feature (user-side)
[optimized] the "post a news from a download up to 3 news-module" feature (admin-side)

[fixed] problems with notifications (user-side)
[fixed] ordering downloads by alphabet (user-side)
[fixed] problems with xoops 2.2 -> thx to sunny93 for the cooperation
[fixed] some little bugs with listening downloads (user-side)
[fixed] php 5.0 problems
[fixed] a small bug with display the right language-variable for downloads (if a download is updated or new)
[fixed] max upload-file-size displayed a wrong value and its not possible anymore to allow a bigger upload-filesize than your
php-settings are allow you to upload (admin-side)

as always you should not use this BETA version on a productiv website.


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