Zen Cart Xoops 0.1 Beta

Date 2005/8/17 7:06:09 | Topic: Modules

Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.1 Beta Release (tested on Xoops 2.2.1)
Zen Cart v1.2.5d

Download it Here

http://www.zencart.com/ - The Art of Ecommerce

Please test the module and send bugs, feature requests, comments at the module development page:

1 Language Integration

The language selected in xoops will be the language shown in Zen Cart Xoops.
(You must manually install the adittional languages) Find yours in www.zencart.com

2 Theme Integration
The "XoopsTheme" Template in Zen Cart lets you maintain the same aspect of the page for the shop Module.
(The theme selected in xoops must use correctly the variables xoops_showlblock, xoops_showrblock and

You can use the template variable $isshop to determine if the module is currently open through your theme.

3 Blocks Integration
Through the block "Zen Cart Blocks" you can select all the static sideboxes of Zen Cart.

The blocks must be rebuilt in the zen cart xoops admin (Tools - Layout Boxes Controller)

4 All the Zen Cart v1.2.5d features

5 User Database Integration (Feature not available)

People interested in making this module better send your request to join the project.

Please donate to know that our work is appreciated and to keep the Zen Cart Xoops Module updated. Every little bit counts. Thanks.


1 - The Zen Cart Project - http://www.zencart.com/

Carlos Devia (wwwcad) carlosdevia@imaginacolombia.com

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