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Date 2005/8/8 20:25:21 | Topic: YAXS

InBox Solutions Official Web SiteFellow Xoopsers ! I'm very excited to inform you that the InBox Solutions Official Web Site is now open ! Inbox Solutions specializes in the conception of dynamic portals and Web applications for small, medium and large businesses. Made up of an innovative development team, InBox Solutions offers easy to use, efficient and flexible products to companies around the world.
InBox Solutions reaches its objectives by first finding the best of what free and open source software and content management systems have to offer, and then adapting them to our client's needs.

We are able to develop applications quickly based on the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySOL and PHP) that is now recognized by Internet professionals as being ubiquitous, reliable, evolving and financially competitive.

XOOPS Professional Services

With the knowledge and expertise we have acquired through our open source division, The SmartFactory, we are offering top of the line XOOPS professional services.

We can:
- Customize existing modules;
- Develop new modules;
- Install, configure and customize entire XOOPS sites;
- Offer online support through our Online Support System: if you have a problem with your site, you can click on our Live Support button, and we are instantly chatting; we can even share our desktop or ask you for remote control to help you better ;
- And much, much more !

Giving back to the community

Since September 2004, The SmartFactory has been developing, improving and providing technical support for the SmartModules as well as the XOOPS Multilanguages hack. One of the key elements in InBox Solutions’ mission is to help The SmartFactory develop its projects. In order to achieve this goal, every improvement made by InBox Solutions will be shared with The SmartFactory, and therefore given back to the community In fact, many of the features of the SmartModule have been developed by InBox Solutions for specific projects. Moreover, the entire SmartMedia project has been made possible because of one of InBox Solutions' clients !

Do not hesitate to visit our site and, should you need more information, feel free to contact us via our Contact Form.

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