XOOPS 2.2 Released

Date 2005/7/27 9:20:00 | Topic: XOOPS

The XOOPS Core Development Team is very happy to announce the release of XOOPS 2.2

After an intense development and testing period, we are now ready to release the final version of XOOPS 2.2 boasting a completely new set of themes, theming of the administration area and dynamic user profile fields.

As with all new features, the flexibility and usage of the new features will not show properly until more people are using them, so you may experience limitations that you did not expect.
We have already started the planning of XOOPS 2.4, so be comfortable knowing that whatever concerns that arise in the next weeks will be taken into consideration when developing XOOPS 2.4 - and of course, really big issues will be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

The Dev Wiki already has a list of all changes to the language constants in the core and will be expanded to hold explanations for how to

- Use dynamic user profile fields
- Theme the administration area
- Use configuration categories
- Use page awareness
and more.

Download XOOPS 2.2:
XOOPS 2.2 Stable
(released 27 July '05)

.zip | tarball

XOOPS 2.0.13 to 2.2 patch
.zip | tarball


2005/07/21: Version 2.2 RC2
- Fixed registration issues with dynamic user profile fields (Mithrandir)
- Added login name property for a user, so login name and displayed username is now (potentially) differerent (Mithrandir)
- Refinements in PM module (phppp)
- Refinements in Profile module (Mithrandir)
- Refinements in XoopsForm classes (phppp)
- Fixed bug where comments would not show if the user had no settings for mode and order (Mithrandir/Rowdie)
- Fixed bug in LDAP authentication where configuration values were not fetched correctly (Mithrandir)

2005/07/14: Version 2.2 RC
- Fixed security hole in XML-RPC for both magic_quotes_gpc on and off (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech, Onokazu)
- Fixed sanitation in Criteria class for both magic_quotes_gpc on and off (Mithrandir/Onokazu)
- Fixed sanitation bug in include/checklogin.php (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug in comments, where editing a comment would post a new one
- Removed PHP parsing in Saxparser's handleProcessingInstruction() method (Thanks to GIJOE)
- Fixed parse error in modules/newbb/post.php
- Fixed sanitation bug in include/comment_form.php and include/comment_post.php (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech)
- Fixed sanitation bug in class/xml/rpc/xmlrpcapi.php and class/criteria.php (Mithrandir/James@Gulftech/XOOPS JP)
- Changed admin.php to fetch news from xoops.org via Snoopy (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
- Fixed possible XSS hole in redirect_header (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
- Security fixes in pda.php and misc.php (Mithrandir/XOOPS JP)
- Fixed typos in kernel/object.php (Mithrandir/brandycoke)
- Fixed bug where lostpass.php would not accept emails and send new password (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug where search result links would be wrong if the item was in another module than the searched one (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug in groups admin where it was impossible to add users to a group if the site had 200+ users (Ackbarr)
- Fixed bug with uploading smilies (Ackbarr)

Other Additions:
- PM Module functionality expanded (phppp)

2005/05/21: Version 2.1.1
- Fixed bug #970474 - class/zipdownloader.php (Mithrandir/AC-Ibu)
- Fixed bug #1087786 - Can't assign to $this in PHP5 (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1156510 - Typo Fixes in XoopsObject (Mithrandir/NS Tai, Brandycoke)
- Fixed bug #962025 - Word Censoring Options (Mithrandir/Tom Hayakawa)
- Fixed bug #1168850 - activateUser method is not used in admin panel (Mithrandir/Andrey)
- Fixed bug #1167596 - Hardcoded texts in XoopsObject (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
- Fixed bug #1166354 - image.php - undefined constant (Mithrandir/dave_l)
- Fixed bug #1164226 - improvement in function xoops_refcheck (Mithrandir/sudhaker)
- Fixed bug #1163599 - Big sessions error (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1162290 - The xoops_config (config_id field) reaches its max (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1151930 - index.php - use "require" instead of "include" (Mithrandir/dave_l)
- Fixed bug #1144690 - XoopsFormHidden does not conform HTML rule (Mithrandir/suin)
- Fixed bug #1122854 - cannot be set up version 2.05 of module (Mithrandir/ohwada)
- Fixed bug #1122253 - show notice message when post comment (Mithrandir/ohwada)
- Fixed bug #1120729 - xoops_footer not in default theme (Mithrandir/dave_l)
- Fixed bug #1118908 - 1 html-bug in xoopscodes.php (Mithrandir/frankblack)
- Fixed bug #1098445 - problem with clickable links (dave_l/hthouzard)
- Fixed bug #1083928 - XoopsErrorHandler_HandleError - regex usage (Mithrandir/dave_l)
- Fixed bug #1082042 - Error in parsing date in calendar.js (Mithrandir/puff_daweed)
- Fixed bug #1059216 - gzip compression & php debugging Conflict (Mithrandir/Liquid, WF)
- Fixed bug #1054221 - xoops_module_header can not be cached (Mithrandir/phppp)
- Fixed bug #1020494 - Uninformative error message if admin passwords differ (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1014438 - Admin popup menu when mouse over (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1014408 - XoopsGroupPermForm forms req. sys admin rights to use (Mithrandir/jegelstaff)
- Fixed bug #1011296 - include/checklogin.php calculates a wrong url (Mithrandir/puntoexe)
- Fixed bug #980100 - Variable substitution in db password (dave_l/dcinege)
- Fixed bug #973918 - showImgSelected - Proposed change (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #972552 - stopping install without error message (PHP without mysql) (Mithrandir/snagai)
- Fixed bug #894799 - [fix] No JS validation of required fields in PM (Mithrandir/masi)
- Fixed bug - Don't show preferences link to users without permission (Mithrandir)
- Fixed bug #1174230 - wrong formatTimestamp() syntax in formtextdateselect.php (Mithrandir/ZPC)
- Fixed bug #967076 - xoops_version and templates! (Mithrandir/w4z004)
- Fixed bug #1174626 - phpkaox style sheet (Mithrandir/wardick)
- Fixed bug #1196034 - getSmileys (Mithrandir/phppp)

- Added patch #1162913 - xoops_getLinkedUnameFromId (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
- Added patch #1124749 - Module cache and one-column full-screen display (Mithrandir/phppp)
- Added patch #1105492 - CSS for backend.php (system_rss.html) (Mithrandir/ajaksu2)
- Added patch #1099086 - who's online popup (Mithrandir/banned)
- Added patch #1096514 - Activation of new user (Mithrandir)
- Added patch #1090132 - functions.php, redirect_header (Mithrandir/banned)
- Added patch #1065669 - Slight enhancement to XoopsPageNav::renderImageNav() (Mithrandir)
- Added patch #1052866 - language detection in install.php (Mithrandir/phppp)
- Added patch #989376 - Use REQUEST_URI instead of PHP_SELF generally (Mithrandir/mrmx)
- Added patch #944710 - Extra Cookie for the newbb (Mithrandir/Predator)
- Added patch #912823 - Saving one query per request (Mithrandir/sudhaker)
- Added patch #963071 - Random password generator (Mithrandir/dave_l)
- Added patch #1056514 - SQL Generation Time (Mithrandir/bd_csms)
- Added patch #920059 - XOOPS reports why people can't login (Mithrandir/Herko)
- Added patch #1181607 - Update jsCalendar to 1.0 (Mithrandir/reddshack)
- Added patch #1181328 - Getting rid of negative information on search results page (Mithrandir/frankblack)
- Added patch #1077123 - Make YYYY-mm-dd default for dateboxes when no date passed (Mithrandir/jegelstaff)
- Added patch #1194690 - Show all required fields in every forms (Mithrandir/hthouzard)
- Added patch #919353 - Permanent selectable theme (Mithrandir/frankblack)
- Added patch #1019464 - Extended renderldap function in class criteria (Mithrandir/pemen)

Other fixes:
- Search block now defaults to searching in current module (Mithrandir)
- XoopsPersistableObjectHandler added, making it much easier making database access classes (Mithrandir)
- Fixed rare case, where search results that gave full path would have XOOPS_URL."/modules/dirname" prepended - Only relevant for modules that search other modules (Mithrandir)

- Dynamic User Profiles (Mithrandir/Ackbarr)
- Administration area themeable + new theme (Ralf57)
- Error page when referer is blocked and the user attempts to change content in the database (Mithrandir)
- Configuration categories - modules can now categorise their configuration items (Mithrandir/Malanciault)
- XoopsUser::uname is now used solely for login purposes, real name is used for display on screen (Mithrandir)
- PM functionality moved into a module instead of in the core (Mithrandir/Wanikoo)

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