Software Patents: Defend The Future

Date 2005/7/5 8:30:44 | Topic: News

On Wednesday 6th July (less than 20 hours from now) the European Parliament will have its last chance to prevent the implementation of the software patents directive. This directive is a USA style patents system on software that if passed will result in European software developers not owning what they write. To be successful 367 of the 732 members must be present and vote for the right amendments, such as the Buzek-Rocard-Duff amendments.

If you are a European citizen, you MUST act now, this is NOT a drill, and the corporations that have been pushing this directive for the last few years now have unprecedented support and are literally just hours away from having the entire European software industry by the neck. INCLUDING OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS!

Get involved NOW, as if this directive passes it will be next to impossible to get any of it reversed!! Every single vote counts!!

The Economic Majority Against Software Patents ( joined this group!)

No Software Patents

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