Table Tennis in the Philippines

Date 2005/6/28 11:33:19 | Topic: YAXS

Table tennis is one of the less popular sport in the Philippines compared to other Southeast Asian countries. With few Filipino who play, we only have less than 10 hits a day in more than 2 years. Tried some CGI scripts, PHP based forums and PHP based CMS but it didn’t attract our visitors. Last year mid of September, we tried XOOPS. Our visitors keep on coming back and we’re getting a lot of unique visitor everyday. We may not have a hit of more than 100 a day because few people play table tennis but we are happy to see the results with XOOPS. Amazing XOOPS!

You may find the color unusual; it is because we based it from the color of table tennis.
Table – Blue
Rubbers – Red and Black
Ball – Orange or White.

As you can see below, our number of hits went up after our migration last September 2004. Forget the Kbytes because we have a lot of video clips.

Original Image

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