8 new BCOOL themes were released.

Date 2005/6/24 15:49:42 | Topic: Themes

Up to now, I have made almost 2column type.
But I released a lot of flexible and 3column type in this time.

Someone said "..2column and fix.. is unnecessary" when I released the theme first.

I had thought that there might be people who felt like that before I distributed
the themes.

However, I did not think that I used XOOPS only for the community site and the portal site.
I want to make XOOPS known to the world more as EASY CMS.(Not only community site tool)
Therefore, to propose a new usage, I distributed the themes with the originality such as 2column type.

Various people have already offered the theme 3column and flexible type. Naturally, the people are offering themes that is more wonderful than I make. Therefore, I might not release theme of such flexible type any longer. It is because I want to distribute you the one with an original elements. download::BCOOL:: Demo ::BCOOL:: XOOPS THEME DEMO Please find a favorite theme. I'm looking forward to that your XOOPS sites become cool or cute and more actively! Thanks. Regards, Taka.

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