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Date 2005/6/22 16:18:59 | Topic: YAXS

Has your son or daughter received a letter from Hogwarts? Shocked to discover they are a witch or wizard? Don't know a "Muggle" from a "Bezoar" or "Blast-ended skrewt"? Or are you simply an everyday person who thinks that there's more going on than meets the eye?

If you are, then The Muggle's Guide is for you! The Muggle's Guide is an online database (or encyclopaedia or glossary) that attempts to help you through the weird and wonderful (and sometimes frightening) world of magic that may leave you perplexed and puzzled.
The site uses a custom module written specifically for it, which has taken a while - all I have to do now is get on with the content. There are currently 70 items in the database, with many still needing definitions - I didn't realise when I started this project exactly how "big" the Harry Potter "universe" is . That said, visitors to the site can take part and add items, and/or submit amendments to existing items, if they wish...

You can visit the Muggle's Guide at

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