WF-Links 1.0.3 released

Date 2005/6/22 9:09:31 | Topic: Modules

We are pleased to announce the first stable release of WF-Links v1.0.3.

We would strongly advise all users of this module to upgrade from the previous versions.

Download WF-Links V1.0.3 Here

This release fixes a few important bugs and add some features.
21.06.2005 1.0.3 Stable
fixed bug: Smarty error Error [Xoops]: Smarty error: [in db:wflinks_linkload.html line 41]: syntax error: unidentified token '=' (cosmodrum).
fixed bug: SQL file seems to be for mysql 4.x (contains DEFAULT CHARSET entry), Fix for backward compat with older versions of Mysql.
fixed bug: Updated String version in Xoops_version.php to show correct module version number.
fixed bug: resource image width issue in wflinks_singlelink.html.
fixed bug: Resource types, updating the above should now see resource types work in admin and should be usable.
fixed bug: Resource types, changed icon to match the proper icon in the admin link index.
fixed bug: Resource types will no longer be taken into account when rendering veiwcat.php. Should cut down on un-needed mysql queries
during this operation.

Updated: Added 'onUpdate' to Xoops_version.php to allow for WF-Resources tables to be added to the database.
Updated: cleaned some html in indexpage.php for 'Index Page Information'.

18.06.2005 1.0.2
fixed bug: search not working correct due to missing function.
fixed bug: found remaining non 'group' function and used correct function.

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