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Date 2005/6/17 22:12:51 | Topic: YAXS

Hello fellow xoopsers,

I want to submit a xoops site I'm working on in memory of two friends from high school and college. Jose Liz and Alexis Fermin were murdered by a gang outside a club in Corona, Queens NY on March 12. They received a phone call from friends who were at the club and said a riot was going on and they needed Jose and Alex to get them out of there. When they arrived the riot reached the streets and included a mob of about 40 young adults and teens. They ran into some gang members of Latin Kings who trashed Jose's car and stabbed him to death on the scene and shot Alex who died later that morning at Elmhurst Hospital.

These two gentlemen who were known as peacemakers weren't even a part of the situation. They just went to help friends out of a jam and wound up sacrificing their own lives.

Well a group at NYC College of Technology where Jose and I attend, we're starting various projects in his name. One of which is a scholarship fund, another is a community project against violence which Jose himself began and we're continuing. I also created a xoops site that will serve as an informative site about the projects as well as an online community for family and friends of the two gentlemen to share their emotions on Jose and Alex's lives and legacy.

The xoops site is

Thank you,
Carlos Estremera

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