myHome, the alternative home page of your website

Date 2005/6/16 14:58:18 | Topic: Modules

The wolFactory is proud to release an new useful module: myHome.

The purpose of this very simple module is to give Xoops webmasters the possibility to propose an alternative homepage or redirect to a specific page inside or outside your website.


1) Installation
Upload the zip archive 'myHome' directory in the server 'modules' directory of your Xoops site. Install throught the module admin system.

2) Module Settings
Click on the module logo's preferences link in admin area.

1.a. Redirection

Replace the default index page by another page by:
- Displaying an absolute or relative url.
- Leave blank for default index.

Go in general setting of your site, and select myHome as homepage module.

1.b. Index Banner

Display a banner on your default index page. Leave empty to display none. Enter the picture url here.

1.c. Introduction text

Place here your default homepage text.

ATTENTION: Don't forget to grant access to the myHome module, along with the eventual redirection page to each and every groups of your website! Your home page must be available to everyone.

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