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Date 2005/5/30 20:26:47 | Topic: Themes

Announcing MyXoops.com!

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MyXoops provides unique XOOPS theme creation, customization, conversion and Flash integration. We offer a range of XOOPS oriented services and provide free and premium XOOPS utilities.
We have created the first Dreamweaver MX Extension exclusively for XOOPS theme and template creation, MyXoopsExtensions. This extensive Dreamweaver MX component adds increased functionality & productivity to XOOPS theme creation and customization. This exciting tool is only compatible with Dreamweaver MX, although future versions will be compatible with Dreamweaver MX 2004 and better.

If you are using Dreamweaver MX to create your XOOPS themes, you will definitely want to check out MyXoopsExtensions, available in our downloads section.
(no registration required to download)

Also, we are very pleased to announce that we have finally achieved a dynamic Flash menu with dynamic submenu items for XOOPS! This Flash menu is completely dynamic - just drop it in your XOOPS site and all menu links will be dynamically generated along with submenu links, according to the modules your site is using and based on group permissions! At present this fun feature is only available in our premium premade and custom XOOPS themes, but we do intend to create a dynamic Flash menu module and release it as one of our free XOOPS utilities, just as soon as we can.

You can check out our premium Flash integrated themes here to see our dynamic Flash menu in action. Note that this link is strictly a theme demo site.

You can download all of our premium Flash integrated XOOPS themes by joining MyXoops Club, a subscription-based service. We will release at least one new Flash integrated XOOPS theme every month to MyXoops Club members, each with its own unique dynamic Flash menu. Club members also receive massive discounts on all customization services provided by MyXoops Customs.

Visit MyXoops.com
MyXoops Is Your XOOPS!

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