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Date 2005/5/25 20:50:00 | Topic: Modules

This very simple module allow to display a different picture to each page of your XOOPS website.
It adds 2 new smarty variables, including possibly a display style for the picture.

This module does not have any menu or block.
Start by uploading your pictures with admin interface, or directly by ftp in uploads/pictureurl directory of your website.

The form 'create a picture' allows to associate a picture to a page (url) of your site.

you can use 2 new smarty vars, one classic div and one with css attributes

Download the module Pictureurl

Thanks to Christian for the doc page
At the module installation, a picture storage directory will be created automatically (uploads/pictureurl).
To use the smarty variable, you must modify the file header.php, at your website root.
Yous must paste the following code just before the line // Weird, but need extra tags for 2.0.x themes , for example.
// module pictureurl Philou
include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/modules/pictureurl/include/function.php';
$xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_pictureurl', xoops_getpictureurl());
$xoopsTpl->assign('xoops_pictureurlcss', xoops_getpictureurlcss());
// end pictureurl Philou

Smarty variables integration in your theme or template
Edit the file theme.html for example and insert <{$xoops_pictureurl}> or <{$xoops_pictureurlcss}> at the place where your picture must be displayed.
Don't forget to answer yes in admin system, preferences, general parameters, Theme, files update by themes/ directory in order to validate your modification.

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