Shoutbox 3.1

Date 2005/5/14 7:59:26 | Topic: Modules

Another new version of the Shoutbox 3.x serie. Not much changed, mainly bugfixes. If everything goes like planned, the next version should be able to store the shouts in a mysql table.

Till then you will have to deal with this version:
Download Shoutbox 3.1
* Fixed: Possible warning in popup.
* Fixed: Wrong variable selection in popupframe
* Fixed: Forgot ":" after anonymous name...

* Changed: If you now deselect "guest" may post and block is visible to guests they will see the shouts but won't be able to add. This option gots now a logic!
* Changed: Almost all repeated actions are now packed in one class. This will speedy the conversion to a sql version.

* Added: You got now a maxview function. This is seperated from the trim function.

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