CBB 1.12 Release

Date 2005/5/5 8:16:37 | Topic: Modules

CBB 1.12
Release date: May 5th, 2005
Status: stable

DOWNLOAD: https://xoops.org.cn/modules/wfdownloa ... glefile.php?cid=8&lid=282
SUPP: https://xoops.org.cn/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=17

Changelog 1.12
1 login on-fly in "quick reply" (requested by Rou4 @ XOOPS CHINA)
2 sort order in viewpost.php (reported by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
3 bugfix for time display (reported by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
4 clean display of regist date (requested by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
5 bugfix for forum selection in "advanced search" (reported by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
6 rolling back missed disclaimer (reported by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
7 bugfix for duplicated security check and post_time_limit check (reported by kmac @ XOOPS CHINA)
8 permission check for poll management (reported by karuna @ XOOPS CHINA)

Changelog 1.11
1 re-write user info renderer
2 bugfix for poster display in thread mode (reported by iamtj @ XOOPS CHINA)
3 correction of deleting post message (reported by iamtj @ XOOPS CHINA)
4 post backup if submission exceeds session limit or time limit
5 correction of encoding problem in XOOPS function formatTimestamp($time, 'rss') (reported by chia @ XOOPS CHINA)

Changelog 1.10
1 bugfix and layout improvement (suggested by iamtj @ XOOPS CHINA, fast reply in thread mode, anonymous button, register to post ...)
2 rolling back "RSS enable" (requested by Aries @ XOOPS CHINA, CeBepuH @ XOOPS)
3 bugfix for template dir in rss.php (reported by jodn007 @ XOOPS CHINA)
4 bugfix for caching in rss.php
5 bugfix for rss encoding conversion (reported by chia @ XOOPS CHINA)
6 read new posts since last visit (Tuning suggested by Peekay @ XOOPS)
7 enable 'delete top post' (requested by iamtj @ XOOPS CHINA)
8 bugfix for Last Visit recording
9 bugfix/improvement for "move forum"
10 adding "merge forum"
11 post date / poster ip display changed
12 options for user level bar
13 backward/forward compatible with XOOPS 2.0*

Changelog 1.00

Changelog over NewBB 2.02:
1 CBB uses the same DB stucture/data with NewBB 2, it is convenient to switch between current CBB and current NewBB 2.
2 bugfixes for NewBB 2.02
3 clean/correct NewBB 2 templates

Major new features ( most suggested by XOOPS CHINA users)
1 dropdown menu selectable for end users: SELECT BOX, CLICK, HOVER
2 multi-attachments upload
3 RSS improvement, individual RSS Feeds for each category, each forum and the global module
4 FPDF improvement, UTF-8 encoding is now working
5 user friendly time display, four types: Today, Yesterday, this year and longer than one year
6 block handler: recent posts, recent topics, most views, most replies, recent digest, recent sticky, most valuable posters
7 time periods for blocks, you could have most views in last 24 hours, most views in this week, most views in this month
8 new page: view all posts, view new posts since last visit
9 "New member": an introduction thead will be posted automatically when a user logs on for the first time (if enabled)
10 adding dobr parameter

theme/style.css adding dropdown menu color as following:
/* color -- dropdown menu for Forum */
#dropdown a{

#dropdown .menubar, #dropdown .menu, #dropdown .item, #dropdown .separator{

#dropdown .separator{
border1px inset #e0e0e0;

#dropdown .menu a:hover{
/* color - end */

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