CM2F (mail 2 forum) for Pbboard and XphpbbI. NewBB on the way

Date 2005/5/4 20:41:44 | Topic: Modules

After a long development period CM2F (Community Mail 2 Forum) is on the edge of changing its status to Final Release Preview 1.0.

CM2F is an addon to the pbboard and xphpbbi module and that allows to bridge two worlds than until now have been separated. The world of content under mail format, and the world of content under forum format...
NewBB is being worked and is now having the xoops admin interface solved.

With CM2F you are able to have your forum users post by email, or to subsribe to your forum as if it was a mailinglists.

You can also link mailinglists into the forum and then link back the forum into the mailinglist adding extra content, format and features that will able to add extra value to both your mailinglists and forums.

CM2F brings extra flexibility in order to make easier the work of the administrator, filtering mechanisms, attachments support both ways, multi signatures and subject customization ... etc.
Security is well taken, as you can blocked users, allow only registered ones to post, control flooders, etc...

If you want to test the modules simply goto

You can also test drive the demo sites in order to see in advance the functionalities of the application.

CM2F is supporting multi cms without the need of porting teams actually perform any action, any new version of CM2F becomes instantly available to all supported versions.

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