IT Course Guide launches

Date 2005/4/27 18:23:51 | Topic: YAXS

Original ImageFinally the day came where the first real XOOPS site from IDG Denmark A/S was launched:

The site is an online IT Course listing where (Danish) course arrangers can list their courses for improved marketing
The site will probably not mean all that much to most of you as it is in Danish, but some aspects I would like to highlight:

- Nice theme (at least I think so)
- Multi-site usage
- A custom built module for managing the courses and more

The theme is an all-div theme with CSS positioning, which will unfortunately not be released as it was designed especially for us. We do plan to release the module in case anyone can use it. It is highly specialised, so it may not be all that useful to others. Has some nice code in it, though

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