Newbbex version 1.22

Date 2005/4/19 20:36:30 | Topic: Modules

Newbbex, this forum derived from the first version of newbb was updated to the 1.22 version.

This update tends to improve your referencements with spiders (Google for example).
Here is the list of changes :

- Pages titles more significant
The page listing a forum's content contains the forum's name
The page listing a subject's content contains the first subject's title.
The search page contains a better page's title too.

- The posts display has changed. By default newbb only displays posts since the last 100 days.
For the forums where the activity is not "extreme", this can be a problem so the module display posts since the begining.

- Automatic generation of meta keywords and meta description
Everything is in the title.
Posts content is used to generate meta keywords.
The meta description contains the title of the first post in the thread.

The module use the same parameter that the one you have defined in the general preferences (Search Options).
That is to say that if for example you have defined a "Minimum keyword length" of 3 characters, then the module will only take the words who's length is at least of 3 characters to generate keywords.

The module is used on my personnal website for my own forums :

You can downloads the zip file too this url and you can have more information to this other one

Every suggestion is welcomed


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