Netquery 3.1 Adds "Top Countries" Mapping

Date 2005/4/18 7:42:16 | Topic: Modules

NEW in Netquery Version 3.1
"Top Countries" GeoIP Mapping!
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Version 3.1 of Netquery, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, adds a GeoIP listing of "top countries" with flags, numbers of users, geographic coordinates, and "zoomable" map links. The listing is available both from the main interface and in the CMS sideblocks, although the latter omit the flags and coordinates. The number of countries displayed (from 5 up to "all") is an admin configurable option. The administrator can also permit users to view the Netquery log itself, if desired, and there is a new admin option for clearing the log.

Please note that the "top countries" feature requires the GeoIP data pak and, optionally, GeoFlags to be installed with logging enabled. If updating an existing installation, please be sure to update ALL components. In other words, if the GeoIP and/or GeoFlags options have been installed previously, the corresponding data paks must updated and reinstalled as well as the core files and the normal module version update process. This is an inevitable consequence of offering optional components packages. For most people, the simplest method is probably to use the "complete" download which includes everything except the language pak.

Netquery's major features currently include the following:
- "top countries" logging & zoomable maps, Original Image
- client "sniffer" with GeoIP option,
- multidomain & IP/AS whois lookups,
- autodiscovery for whois TLD server,
- DNS and Dig (ANY, SOA, NS, MX) queries,
- email address format & MX validation,
- port check with services lookup option,
- HTTP HEAD and GET requests,
- ICMP pings (local and/or remote),
- traceroutes (local and/or remote),
- looking glass router interrogation,
- updateable GeoIP & ports data paks,
- user inputs with admin notice & approval,
- multi-instance sideblocks in CMS editions,
- full XHTML 1.0 Strict & CSS compliance.

The administrator can enable or disable each feature individually and can configure local execution and/or a remote server script for the ping and traceroute features. The administrator can also edit all of the data tables used by the whois, port services and looking glass features and can allow site users to submit port services and exploits information for acceptance. Optional GeoIP and ports data tables can be downloaded and installed independently of the module core. For additional details, please see the Netquery Manual or got to the VIRtech Forums for discussion and answers.

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