First public release of SmartMedia !

Date 2005/4/16 18:11:28 | Topic: Modules

SmartMedia 0.75 BetaThe SmartFactory is proud to release its latest creation: SmartMedia! SmartMedia is a XOOPS 2 module that let you manage a collection of multimedia clips, grouped by categories and folders. For the first time in XOOPS 2 history, this module offers an architecture supporting a real multilingual content management, managed by different forms! SmartMedia currently only supporting the QuickTime format but the architecture is already there to support other video types like Windows Media, Real Media, Flash and Mpeg4.
This project has become possible with the financial participation or the Innu people living in the vast territories of the North of Quebec. They started the project in order to transmit in multimedia format its ancestral culture to their children, as well as to the rest of the world! The creators of the web site and The SmartFactory would like to thank La Société Radio-Canada for having allowed us to inspired ourself from the logic behind the excellent Archives Section of its web site. To see live what this module looks like, simply go to our demo site : SmartFactory's Demo Site. You can download this release here : SmartMedia 0.75 Beta 1. Please note that this is still a beta release and not meant for a production site. As usual, comments and feedback are very welcomed! You can use the SmartMedia Support Forum. You can also Submit bugs or Feature requests directly on the developers web site. Enjoy!

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