XOOPS 2.0.10 Release Candidate 2

Date 2005/4/12 18:38:55 | Topic: XOOPS

The XOOPS Core Development Team is happy to announce the release of XOOPS 2.0.10 RC2

We hope to bring you a 2.0.10 version without new bugs, but before we release the stable 2.0.10 we want to be sure.

Therefore we hope that this release can be tested thoroughly and no new bugs found.

NOTE: This is a full release ONLY - it is meant for testing and there ARE modules in this package. This means that if you have upgraded your News or Newbb modules to versions higher than 1.1 and 1.0, respectively, you should be VERY careful not to overwrite these modules' files when uploading. And although we want to test this both from fresh installations and upgrade installations, we do NOT encourage the use of this release candidate on production sites. You've been warned!

Xoops 2.0.10 RC2 Full
tarball | .zip

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