XOOPS 2.1.0 Development is on the road

Date 2005/4/9 10:03:57 | Topic: Developer News

The development of Xoops 2.1.0 has started and developers and other interested parties can follow the development as it progresses.

The goal of the development is to take on as many of the bugs reported on SourceForge as possible as well as adding new features and preparing the move to the next major version of XOOPS (Codenamed "XooSphere") so it has as little impact on current themes and modules as possible.
Anyone interested in the code can download a Nightly CVS build which is taken from the development branch in the XOOPS CVS repository.
NOTE: The nightly build is NOT in any way guaranteed to work - although we do aim at only committing working code. Fixing one bug or adding a feature in one place may result in other code malfunctioning and we cannot test all parts of the core for every addition. So while we hope for the nightly build to be installable and working, there may be inconveniences.

As the development progresses, the risk of getting a nightly build with major errors should diminish.

Read on for a more in-depth description of what is in the nightly build as of this moment.

What is in the nightly build today (9/4-05)
Already there has been some progress from 2.0.x:
21 Bugs Fixed
11 Patches Added
1 Major Restructuring

Module header and caching
The "major restructuring" is about the instantiation of $xoopsTpl which now happens in include/common.php and not in header.php
This means that module developers can now assign variables to $xoopsTpl before including header.php and thus get around the issues of e.g. <{$xoops_module_header}> not being cached. It is still recommended not to process more than necessary before including header.php, since that is where the caching kicks in, but especially the module header has been a problem for modules using that for including javascript that was not included when the pages were cached.

Themed Admin
Another implication of the changed $xoopsTpl instantiation is that the administration pages can now be themed just like any frontside page. The redirect screen also uses the current theme. Please refer to this thread on dev.xoops.org for more information on the new possibilities in the administration area.
Also note that there is a new file in the root, recovery.php, that can be used by administrators to revert important settings such as frontside and adminside theme, debug settings and template set in case something messes up and access to the administration is blocked.

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What will be coming in 2.1?
Xoops 2.1 will be a series of beta and RC releases resulting in the public release of the stable version 2.2

The most pressing bugs and patches have already been added to the 2.1 development nightly build and while some still remain to be implemented, focus is now on the new features that are planned to come in 2.1:

- LDAP authentication in a pluggable architecture
- PM Enhancements (based on Wanikoo's work)
- Dynamic User profiles
- Reworked administration area
- Improved Groups administration
- Improved blocks handling

All in all 2.1/2.2 is going to be interesting

Happy Xoops'ing

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