Allairis & Launch New Network of Xoops Base Websites

Date 2005/3/29 20:14:13 | Topic: YAXS

Fantasy Planet & (Allairis Designs) are proud to announce the release of the new Fantasy Planet network of Fantasy Sports websites. The offical home of the follow fantasy sports. (Coming soon!)

In just the first month, the network has registered more than 12,000 new users and is quickly becoming the official standard in the fantasy sports world.

As always, Allairis pushes the envelope in Xoops design and drives the system to its limits. Featuring a new tab base block system to help declutter the landing page, and a linked user system allowing sign-up at anyone of the of sites to carry over across the entire network. Registering for multiple websites has never been easier!

Utilizing IPBs built in subscription module, users can also purchase paid subscriptions to access premium content for each site (currently only football is available for subscription) or a network wide subscription for access to all premium account across the entire network.

Please feel free to give your feedback on these newest additions to the Xoops portfolio

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