Definitive version of the News module

Date 2005/3/13 7:10:00 | Topic: Modules

The definitive version 1.3 of the news module is out.

You can downoad the package here :
- News 1.3
Once you have uploaded all the files to your website, launch the following script to upgrade (from 1.1 or 1.2) :
Don't forget to refer to the file named UPGRADE.txt in the module's archive.
If you uprade from the RC2 version, then you just need to update the module in the Xoops modules manager

Note for installing
1. Overwrite all the files in the old news folder
2. Run the updater (see above)
3. Update the Module in the Moduleadmin
4. Set the Permissions to the Topics

Important point
Please, remember that before to publish in a topic, you must have the submit permissions. So once you have created a topic, or when you have a list of existing topics, go in the permissions page and set the correct [/u]submit rights to the correct groups[/u].
Aslo, if you was using an RC2 version, take care, the templates for the top articles and recent articles have changed.

What's really new ?
As you can see in the changelog, the two biggest changes concern the use of GIJOE's ticket system and the skins availables for the Spotlight tabs.
Instead of being "limited" to one presentation, you can use 8 different presentations for your tabs.

Changelog since RC2 :

> Relative paths was changed to absolute paths inside the scripts
> I have added a lang.diff file for the translators
> The spotlight available in the "recent articles" and "top news" blocks can now use up to 8 different skins :
Bar Style
ZDnet style
> Some bugs where corrected in the top news and recent news blocks.
Now, if you have set the option "Restrict Topics on Index Page?" to Yes and if a tab
does not contains anything visible for a user then the tab is not visible (it includes the
> The module uses GIJOE's ticket class.
> A bug has been corrected for the htmlarea editor

Known bugs
- Generation of PDF in some languages does not run
- The keywords highlighting does not seems to run with languages that use utf8 (but I don't have enough information on this subject).

You can see the skins in actions here :
Bar Style
ZDnet style

Translators, first excuse me for the new DEFINEs I have added since the RC2 version, they are limited to the following :
modinfo.php :


and this one in blocks.php :


Secondly, you can use the file called lang.diff inside the zip file to know what's changes were made to the module's defines.

I consider that the News module has reached an important step.
Before to go on, I would like to concentrate on the documentation, it's as much important as the module itself.
Jenny, I don't forget you and thank you for the accomplished worked but I would like to completly review the documentation for this new version.
If you still agree, I'll need your help to create a new one from scratch.
Everybody's help is welcome. The code is commented with phpdocumentor's tags.

PS : There's no archive for Linux for this moment and yes, the actual archive was made under Windows


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