WF-Sections 2.07 beta3 release

Date 2005/2/23 8:44:06 | Topic: Modules

WF-Projects Team just released beta3 of the WF-Sections 2.07 module. We announced the beta2 release about two weeks ago only on our website so i will include the changelog for beta 2 and 3 in this news submit.

< Please make sure also to check the news item on our website regarding the release of beta2 for some more information on the changes besides the bugfixes. >

< Post your comments and check for reported issues on the current beta over here >

< You can download the current beta here >

Note: This is still a beta release and no update scripts are provided for older releases than 2.07 series.

22 February 2005 - Version 2.0.7 beta3

fixed: user submitted documents are saved as anonymous submissions
bugfix for char encoding causing documents not to be stored in the database

06 February 2005 - Version 2.0.7 beta2

removed: broken link in category selection box
fixed: php warning if xoops news modules is not installed fixed
fixed: blank page with Viewarticles.php if gd library version 1.x fixed
fixed: create document: Borked error message when creating a document without a title fixed
fixed: forum link fixed (double backslash and lacking a subdirectory in the path)
fixed: CSS Stylesheet not used in viewarticles.php
fixed: Image tags (xoops-code) not working within documents
fixed: Template topten.php does not include stylesheet
fixed: Bug with spaw where if permitted to users group settings would be ignored
added: Support for different editors using the upcoming xoops editor framework
permissions: due to difficulties with the current permission system reverted back to module admins yes/no.
fixed: Seperator lines not visible in firefox
fixed: Tags [title / subtitle] only working in standard article display but not in print preview
fixed: Subsections taken 'offline' still visible and accessible
fixed: Author info block shows always email adress ignoring user settings for privacy
added: missing language define for forum selection
fixed: Xoops search shows results ignoring permissions
added: lang define for no permission of viewing this area
fixed: popular icons display incorrectly
fixed: related news items not showing when viewing an article
fixed: ´Links and select box´ not working. Fixed a bug where the select box would have no content and could not be opened.
fixed: Check for Spaw makes document creation impossible if Spaw is not installed.
fixed: ´No WF-Sections Frame´would only show an empty page or if content was from a file just a link instead of content
fixed: ´Recent´ block ignores configuration whether to show images or not
fixed: Submitted and Auto Published Documents have mixed descriptions
fixed: accessing articles by editing the url (ignoring permissions)
removed: reviews have been removed
fixed: Typo in language/english/admin.php
added: allow linking to phpbb2 forum
fixed: author name always displayed when viewing an article (ignoring configuration)
fixed: lots of php warnings
added: multiple editor Support based on "Xoops editor framework"

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