News 1.3 RC 2 released

Date 2005/2/20 8:52:16 | Topic: Modules

After one week, a new version is available.
This new one is mainly a corrected version.

For a complete list of all the new functionalities available in the 1.3 series, please read this news


You can downoad the package here :
- News 1.3 RC2


Once you have uploaded all the files to your website, launch the following script to upgrade (from 1.1 or 1.2) :
Don't forget to refer to the file named UPGRADE.txt in the module's archive.

Note for installing :

1. Overwrite all the files in the old news folder
2. Run the updater (see above)
3. Update the Module in the Moduleadmin
4. Set the Permissions to the Topics

Please report all bugs and suggestions here :

Important point

Please, remember that before to publish in a topic, you must have the submit permissions. So once you have created a topic, or when you have a list of existing topics, go in the permissions page and set the correct submit rights to the correct groups.
Changelog since RC1 :

Bugs corrections in :
- The form used to submit news
The article's title was limited to 80 characters whereas the db define 255 characters
There was an error message when yo was submiting a news as an anonymous
- The test used to verify that you can post in a topic has been corrected.
- The admin's menu ("Statistics" was repeated two times)
- The spotlight. Many bugs were corrected.
Note : If you have selected a specific news but that can't be viewed by some groups,
then the spotlight is not visible.
List of the submited and corrected bugs :
1981 - (mariuss) - non-XHTML code in news_index.html
2093 - (none) - Blanck Article in Spotlight
2097 - (none) - Rating is not set to 0 for news article
2098 - (marco) - Tooltip display in Recent News Spotlight Block
2117 - (wardick) - Posted by
2125 - (marco) - Tooltip feature omissed on some pages
2127 - (marco) - Submenus order
2142 - (Brash) - Navigate Thru Topics block blank page bug

Modifications :
- In the admin panel, odds lines and evens lines are differents (just a visual effect)
- Still in the admin panel, when you are on the index page, the script verifies that you are up to date.
- The spotlight look and feel has been modified (looks like "better").

Thank you to all the testers of the previous version !


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