Announcing the Election Winners!

Date 2005/2/7 12:10:00 | Topic: XOOPS

The votes have been counted, And here are the results. The winners are: (drum roll please)

Best Code Contributor: Mithrandir (28%), runner up: Onokazu (22%). The winner of this category gets a Safari Bookshelf subscription, donated by O'Reilly publishers!

Best Module Developer: Predator (23%). He wins a Zend Studio 3.5 package, donated by our friends at Novell Developer Services!

Best Theme Designer: SevenD (referred to as 7dana) (28%) wins a Wacom Graphire 3 4x5 tablet and the Design web usability book by Jacob Nielsen, donated by!

Best Community Supporter: Mithrandir (21%) wins an HP iPAQ h2210/h2215, donated by the project itself!

XOOPSer of the Year 2004: Mithrandir (17%), runner up: Herko (15%). The winner of this category gets a special hosting prize donated by our friends at Surpass Hosting!

Wow, Mithrandir has won 3 categories. He has graciously ceded 2 of these categories to the runners-up tho, so Onokazu wins the Best Code Contributor and Herko the XOOPSer of the Year categories! Congratulations to all the winners! Read more for Mithrandir's explanation!
Mithrandir writes:
“XOOPS’er of the Year”… That is quite a predicate to get slapped on your person.

There are 5 categories and I was honoured to be nominated in four of them – and I was deeply touched by the descriptions of why people nominated me, although there was the occasional character-building truth (*grumbles something about having to look up the word ‘curmudgeon’ in the dictionary*)

5 categories, 4 nominations, 3 wins. I can only say that it was deeply unexpected. The XOOPS’er of the Year competition is a community award and therefore I cannot just sit and accept three prizes when so many deserving people get nothing. I have therefore decided to not accept the award for “Best Code Contributor” as most of my contributing work has merely been performing manual tasks such as implementing patches and fixing bugs that others have found and developed the code for. Besides, Onokazu has earned this award just as much as I have.

I have also decided that the “Overall XOOPSer of the Year” award is not one I can accept. If Herko can do so much for keeping things together on and in the XOOPS project in general and *not* get an award – then the world is just not right. Herko deserves the recognition of an award and I feel that “Overall XOOPSer of the Year” is just the right award for him.

The Community Supporter award, I keep. I spend a lot of my time helping – or trying to help – people on and and it means a lot to me that you have voted me the Best Community Supporter. I am deeply grateful for this award and will treasure it for a long time.
My Preccssccioussssss.

Thank you for participating. Thank you for the votes. Thank you for your continuous support. Thank you.

A huge thanks goes out to the sponsors of this competition:
O'Reilly publishers
Novell Developer Services
and Surpass Hosting
We will remember your generosity

Winners please contact me with your personal details, so I can pass those on to the sponsors for sending of your prizes. Please send me a PM

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