[MODULE] Edito 2.3 - Easy content manager module

Date 2005/2/5 9:07:07 | Topic: Modules

The WolFactory is proud to announce the release of Edito 2.3.

Edito is a multifunction content module. It has been designed to easily display content on a Xoops site. For webmasters, articles can be added either from the administration side, or directly from a link in the index pages of the module. The name 'edito' can be generally translated to mean 'article' within the module's language. Please, click on 'Read more' to discover the various features of this new version.

Note for all users of the previous version: read instructions in the 'upgrade_edito_2.2_to_2.3.txt' file for update.

Many thanks to everyone contributed to this project : Hervé, Christian, Marcan and Solo - from the french speaking Xoops community.

A special thanks goes to Carnuke for his spontaneous help with beta testing and documentation reviewn and to all Xoopers who contributed and suggested improvements (both on www.xoops.org or www.frxoops.org.

This version includes a brand new feature developped by Marcan from the SmartFactory: the metagen. The purpose of this is to automatically generate original metakeywords from each and every content pages of this module.

Also this version includes the latest Koivi wysiwyg editor, which is a very great asset for the Xoops system. So many thanks to Samuels for this, and for his support to this project.

Remarks and comments are welcome...

Happy Xoopsing.

'Mad Xoops Scientist'

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