Newbie goes from 0 to Xoops in 7 days

Date 2005/2/2 8:39:51 | Topic: YAXS

I built my first and only website in early 2003 with Dreamweaver. I didn't have a clue about html when I started. I still don't know much more that the absolute basics.

But in the last 7 days or so, I went from not knowing what CMS means to having a working Xoops site with a few modifications learned from and a lot of "try it and see" to figure out how the site actually works and get the changes I wanted.

I stuck with the phpkaox theme for the clean and simple look. I tried out most all the content modules and found a couple I liked. The most recent site modification I made was to use Simplified_url to help shorten the urls.

In conclusion, a newbie that could barely (a href) a link in text without checking a cheat sheet could manage to get a clean looking site with all the bells and whistles going in about a week. And even played with some lines of php code, with references from information found on of course.

Man Xoops is awesome!
Rob Smith

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