Topeka DIY Alternative News Source

Date 2005/1/26 15:20:48 | Topic: YAXS

Introducing: an alternative source of news and information.
The DIY part is for "Do It Yourself". Topekadiy's organizers recognized that local and national corporate media do not publish news, but rather fluff-peices to spin some corporate or political agenda. Locally our newspapers rarely ever publish the press releases of citizens and activist groups, especially if they are not right wing republican groups.
So was created to give voice and venue to many of the disenfranchised groups, and to bring forth articles and information that is not generlly found in mainstream media.
Of course we also have a public forum that is not controlled by the corporate media, and their conservative mouthpeices and henchmen!

We provide the ability for many different people to post and publish their own news, and XOOPS has made this infinately more possible for us to achieve our goals.

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