XOOP-Stats v0.45 for XOOPS 2

Date 2005/1/15 20:46:24 | Topic: Modules

We are proud to announce the Gerneral Release of another great XOOPS@IBDeeming! mod for XOOPS 2 - XOOP-Stats v0.45 for XOOPS 2.0.7+.

XOOP-Stats continues to evolve and become a better, more enhanced offerring for XOOPS 2 administrators.
There are a number of great new enhancements to make this an important and integral part of your XOOPS site!
This version has the following features (in no particular order!):
  • Italian by Juri Montico - no site , yet!
  • Fixed issues with IIS and $_SERVER calls
  • Added reverse lookup information for IP addresses (ADMIN functions)
  • Added xWhois functions for Domain Names (ADMIN functions)
  • Added query string and fragment string on refer table (ADMIN functions)
  • Added stats for
    • mydownloads
    • WF-Downloads
    • AMS
  • A big thank you to user rnijdam for the Dutch language files!
  • Added SQL ordering to the referers table (ADMIN functions)
  • Added sorting for IP (ADMIN functions)
  • Full screen width and color depth is tracked (ADMIN functions)
  • Added intelligence for
    • DeepNet Browser (seeing a lot more of these)
    • Avant Browser - better than IE alternative
    • DigExt Offline crawler - these can hammer a site! Watch out!
    • Waypath - blog seeker
    • SharpReader - RSS Feed collector
    • Turnitinbot - although always collected - be aware that this is out there. It's a plagerism serarcher that reports back. Although their site http://www.turnitin.com/robot/crawlerinfo.html states it's nice and pays attention to robots.txt, my logs beg to differ! This used to be Slysearch.
  • MediaPartners - Google - No longer identifies as a bot, it's for AdSense
Make sure you check the Readme.html for the latest instructions on upgrades, fresh installs, etc. There are bigger plans for the next release! Get your copy HERE!


Go to XOOPS@IBDeeming! and check the forums. You can also contact us at the site for more support! Thanks for using this mod!

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