SmartFAQ 1.04 is out !

Date 2005/1/14 6:40:00 | Topic: Modules

SmartFAQThe SmartFactory is proud to release the new version of SmartFAQ ! This new release can be downloaded here : SmartFAQ 1.04 Final. You don't know what SmartFAQ is ? Have a look here : Learn more about SmartFAQ. This new release includes number of suggestions made on the forums by users of the module. Basically, we focused on presenting the information in a more intuitive and less cluthered way. In order to do so, the templates were improved and some configuration options were added to let the webmaster decided more precisly what information to display.
Other important changes were a preview function when submitting a Q&A, a Most Viewed Q&A's block and the use of templates for all forms or the module.

The complete changelog can be found here : SmartFAQ 1.04 Final Changelog.

The updrade procedure can be found in the Upgrade.txt file.

If you have questions of comments, feel free to post them on the SmartFAQ's forum.

Cheers !

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