xcGallery RC 1.1 Hack 1.2

Date 2004/10/28 14:48:27 | Topic: Hacks


1. Adds Movie support to xcGallery
Predefined thumbnails are used for movie files.

2. It is possible to store thumbnails under separate albums/thumbnails directory.
Thumbnails directory name is configurable. If thumbnails directory is not specified,
thumbnails will be stored in the same directory as original pictures.

3. If you don't want to store albums and pictures into the XOOPS directory tree under
modules/xcGal/albums, it is possible to specify alternative real path to albums
directory in xcGal configuration.
In this case Alias should be deffined in Appache configuration,
that maps relative albums path to real albums path

Alias /modules/xcgal/albums "E:/FTP/albums"


Copy files over original xcGal RC 1.1 files.

After copying module files, need to run Update xcGal Module in XOOPS Modules Admin.
xcGal version will be changed to 1.2.



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