Frozen Bubble updated to version 1.1

Date 2004/10/6 18:51:53 | Topic: Modules

The Xoops port of the famous Frozen Bubble game has been updated to the 1.1 version.

Here is the changelog :
1) The module have two new options
a) Desactivate scores
b) Don't repeat player's name in highscores
2) A problem in the highscores has been corrected
3) The .jar file is smaller
4) The highscores will display the full player's name (and not the username)
5) The game does not ask anymore the player's name, it uses the Xoops user's name

Concerning the java applet, there's a colorblind mode, you can cut the sound (press 'S') and some display bugs were corrected (all the thanks goes to Glenn Sanson)

You can download the new file here.

Have fun.


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