XOOPS.org gets a facelift

Date 2004/10/3 6:00:00 | Topic: XOOPS

As you may have noticed, xoops.org and subsites have been unavailable during this weekend.

The reason for this is quite apparent as the looks of the site has changed a fair bit, but behind the scenes, things have changed, too.
We have upgraded the webserver with more memory and caching software to improve performance and the theme has received a facelift.

On the functional side, xoops.org has changed as well:

- Forum has been upgraded to Newbb 2
- News has been upgraded to News 1.2.1
- SmartFAQ will replace the Wiki and be expanded to fulfill the role of the Wiki and beyond
- WF-Downloads has replaced MyDownloads and cloned to hold the new Module Repository, Themes Library and Xoops Core files.

As always, this could not have been done without the help from the community, so let me take this opportunity to thank

Herko, Ackbarr, Predator, Skalpa, Philou, Francis and Carnuke for an enormous workload during the weekend and Elvir, Hyperpod, m0nty and kerjin for going through the entire range of modules listed on the "old" xoops.org and updating the Modules Repository as needed. A big Thank You! from the rest of the XOOPS Team and - I'm sure - many in the community.

Now, get out and play on your new playground

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