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Date 2004/8/14 21:39:06 | Topic: YAXS

Libervis.com, the newfounded open source community portal has been officially launched upon resolving the remaining basic issues that were to be resolved before the official launch such as p3p privacy compliance.

The site's main slogan is "open source community node" since it is set on a mission to become the central open source community portal that includes forums, articles, blogs and much more.
It is about to cover every open source/free software related area of interest therefore attracting all open source/free software interested people no matter of the specific area of OSS/FS they may be interested in. This approach to community building will enable users and visitors to more easily and intuitively research any topic of their interest in regard to OSS/FS because there may always be someone that knows what they want to know that they can ask there. It's a noded community, centered not only around one or few oss/fs topics, but all of them. It is an unique concept, something that open source web world lacked until now.
Your comments and suggestions will always be welcome.
Thank you!

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