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Date 2004/8/14 2:30:00 | Topic: Themes

Hello to all!!

My name is Seiji Ueoka, an art activist in Tokyo.

I've just re-launched my personal website with Xoops
and started releasing original themes as well.
Please feel free to download if you like any of them.

My site is in Japanese so if your system does not
support Japanese, you will probably get a distorted
proportion. But I did make the English version which
you can download from the url below.
Original Image
artNOMAD style

* I re-launched my personal website with Xoops. I've started to release themes, too. I will be releasing more in the future.

tabNOMAD style
* I've created this theme with tab menu using Ryuji's hack file, ex_assign.php.
Original Image
To protect the freedom, I'm not throwing copy rights aside.
But you don't have to show the copy right text at all.

I'm planning to release more themes in the future.
Comments, suggestions, and requests are welcomed
under this thread or email directly.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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